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Membership Event - December 2015


Membership Meeting - November 2014

Photo by John Payne
Front Row/L-R: John Payne (2nd Gen, Uncle Paratrooper 101st Airborne Division), Gordon Caulkins (36th BS), Maurice Miller (94th BG; 332nd BS), Donald O. (Spec) Campen (303rd BG, 427th BS), Bill Smithdeal (379th BG, 525th BS), Middle Row/L-R: Anne Royster (2nd Gen; Father 466th BG, 787th BS); Luella (Rocky) Banton (Army WAC), Lillie Burke (Wife of Lew Burke); Back Row/ L-R: Chris Bowers (Founding President, 2nd Gen, Father 447th BG, 708th BS), Randy Weeks (2nd Gen; Grandfather 25th Infantry Div), Jonathon Machia (2nd Gen; Uncle 389th BG, 565th BS), Jean K. Hughes (2nd Gen; Father 91st BG, 323rd BS), Lew Burke, President (398th BG, 603rd BS B-17 Co-Pilot), Doris Armstrong (Husband 91st BG, 323rd BS, B-17 Co-Pilot, POW), Tom Witt (2nd Gen, Father 92nd BG, 407th BS) and Rob Gates (2nd Gen, Father, 95th BG, 336th BS). Not in photo: Ron Marchand (USAF Airman 1st Cl); Gray Smithdeal (photographer), son of Bill Smithdeal.

Randy Weeks, Jonathan Machia and Chris Bowers enjoying dessert!

Bill and Gray Smithdeal and Tom Witt look over old notes

L/R - Anne Royster, Jean Hughes, Luella (Rocky) Banton and Doris Armstrong

L/R- Donald O. (Spec) Campen, Maurice Miller and Bill Smithdeal

Lew and Lillie Burke enjoying their chocolate pie!

Ron Marchand looks over the display

Ron Marchand and Gordon Caulkins

Couple of 2nd Gens - Anne Royster and Rob Gates
Membership Meeting - November 23, 2013
(photos by Anne Royster)

Chris Bowers presented a Computer 101 - Web searching for Bomb Groups, etc.
President Lew Burke presented Chris Bowers with a plaque for establishing the Virginia Chapter 20 years ago.
Copies of Jesse Pitts book "Return to Base" was giving to the WWII Vets and 2nd Gens by Chris Bowers.


Lew presents a beautiful plaque to Chris Bowers.

Chris presented a copy of Jesse Pitts book "Return to Base" which his wife, Monique Pitts wanted to give to all the WWII Vets and 2nd Gens.

Lew with one of our newest members, George Bergdoll

Ray Gulick and his daughter Liz

Lew Burke and his long lost "grandson".  They discovered that they are related.
Membership Meeting - September 15, 2012
(photos by Anne Royster)

Abe Firestone presented a "WWII Recruitment Video with Jimmy Stewart titled "Winning Your Wings".
"Winning Your Wings" - Part 1
"Winning Your Wings" - Part 2

President, Lew Burke

l/r - Sheryl Wolfe sitting next to her father, J.R. Wolfe; George and Carolyn Bergdoll (with backs to camera); Lew Burke (standing); Abe and Ernestine Firestone

"1942 Winning your Wings"

l/r - Frank Carlomagno, Gordan Caulkins, John Payne, Chris Bowers
Ron Marchand and Jimmy Harvell (back to camera)


Seated: Lillie Burke, Carolyn & George Bergdoll

William Smithdeal

John Miller

Gordon Caulkins

John Payne

Chris Bowers, Past President

Jimmy Harvell, Treasurer

Ron Marchand

Frank Carlomagno

George Bergdoll

Lillie Burke

J.R. Wolfe

Daughter, Sheryl Wolfe

Abe Firestone

Abe & Ernestine Firestone
Ol' Lew with the Aluminum Overcast, August 18, 2012 at the Leesburg Virginia Airport.
Wings of Freedom
October 21~24, 2011
Photos by Anne Royster

The following photos taken by Anne Royster on Sunday, October 23, 2011. Click the link for more photos!

Photos of the B-17 coming in for a landing - taken from my front porch!

Here comes Witchcraft!

B24 on her first ride along over Chesterfield County Airfield.
Photo taken at the end of the runway on her way back in.

Photos taken by Anne Royster.


I tried to get a bit closer!!




Wings of Freedom Fly-In
October 14~16, 2011
Warrenton-Fauquier Airfield
PHOTOS BY SEAN GATES (Grandson of Ordway Gates)
Photos taken December 27th of the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Pooler, GA by Anne Royster


Wings of Freedom Fly-In - October 10~11, 2010
Warrenton-Fauquier Airport
Click here for more photos of Wings of Freedom Fly-In 2010

 New Video of the B-17 Ride


The following photos by Samantha Fletcher
Wings of Freedom Fly-In - October 23~25, 2009
Warrenton-Fauquier Airport
Click here for more Photos!

(updated 11/05/09)

J.R. Wolfe

Whit Hill, Member National Capital Area Chapter

(l/r) Beverly Gates, Lew Burke (Speaking), Lillie Burke, Mike Gerald, Whit Hill,
Tom Thiebaut. Back to camera, May Noziglia, Bob Noziglia and James Park

Ken Rowe

Lew Burke

Bob Noziglia & Tom Thiebaut

Whit Hill

James Park

Lawrence Gulick

Weldon Britton was with the 8nd Tac Recon Squadron, 71st Tac Recon Group,
Fifth Air Force.  He spent his entire year of combat with the 82nd. They were called the Straffin Saints and Walt Disney Studios designed their patch. One of the pilot's Dad was an artist with the studio.

B17 and Vets - they actually rode in the plane.

B24 Vets - they rode in the plane also!

Rear view of a B-24 at Fly-In

Smokey Joe serves up great BBQ





B-17 & B-24 AT FLY-IN

The above pictures were of just some of the Veterans that attended the 2009 fly-in.
Some 20 Vets enjoyed a free flight provided by SAIC Corporation.
SAIC will be sponsoring many benefits to Veterans again this year.
Chapter Vets and their family and friends are strongly encouraged to attend again this year!


Photos from the April 25th Membership Meeting with a presentation by Abe Firestone, "A Step Back in Time"
(Photos by Anne Royster)

(Photo and story by Chris Bowers)
This is one of my Dad (far right) and officers of the "Due Back", B-17G,
42-102632, stationed at the 447th BG (708th BS), Rattlesden, England. My Dad was there from just before D-Day to his last mission on August 27, 1944.
Don't know the month when this picture was taken.
        Picture ID's, (l-r):
                James Doster (Co-pilot)
                George Pasvanis (Navigator)
                Leonard ("Muzz") Moore (Bombardier)
                Hugh C. Bowers (Pilot)
(l/r) James Randolph Knaub, James and Catherine A. Knaub. Photos provided by Jean Knaub Hughes.
Go to Stories and Events to read more about James Randolph Knaub


(l/r) Nose Art of a B-17 and his plaque at the 8th Air Force Museum. Photos provided by Jean Knaub Hughes.

(l/r) Lew Burke, Jimmy Harvel and Monique Pitts at the flag pole outside of the clubhouse at Stonehenge Golf Club.
Six Board members at flag pole (there really are six -- look closely on right side of pole.
President Lew Burke at flag pole.

Following photos provided by Anne Royster, Daughter of Morris Royster, B-24 Tailgunner

466th BG, 787th Sqdn.
Second Division, Norwich England

Earthquake Magoon-
B-24 Liberator

pictured: l/r
Morris Royster - Tailgunner
Bob Puckett - Gunner
Lew Darlin - Gunner
Martin Greschel - Radio
Andy Rhodes - Engineer
Del Pichon - Gunner
Ralph Fine - Co-Pilot
Dave Bercaw - Pilot
Mel Lundquist - Navigator


My dad, Morris Royster (right) with Ted Knight (I assume) at the
8th Air Force Memorial in Attlebridge.

 Click on letter for larger view of letter and map of Attlebridge.


Pictures provided by Al Darlin

Morris Royster in Dec. '99 with
Lew Darlin's Helmet & Mask

Attlebridge Air Force Station 120

Morris Royster talks to two of Lew Darlin's sons

Morris Royster looks through Lew Darlin's photo album.  A replica of Earthquake Magoon is in the forefront.

(Photo by Anne Royster)
The B25 was in Cincinnati in 2005. Unfortunately we didn't get there in time to go onboard - they were preparing it to leave.



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