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Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, Savannah, GA

Display of an Me163B (Komet) similar to one involved in the first rocket-powered attack on heavy bombers on August 16, 1944 against the B-17: "Betty Lou's Buggy": Crewmember: James R. Knaub, Radio Operator/Waist Gunner

8th Air Force Military Heritage Database

8th Air Force Historical Society

8th Air Force Historical Society - Next Generation Initiative

Norden Bombsite

Veterans History Project

Army Air Forces of World War II

Eighth Air Force

34th Bomb Group

91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squadron

95th Bomb Group

303rd Bomb Group

398th Bomb Group

452nd Bombardment Group; 452nd Bomb Group

457th Bomb Group

466th Bomb Group; Heritage League 466th

482nd Bomb Group

491st Bomb Group; 491st BG Wikipedia



B17 Flying Fortress

B24 Liberator

Plane Names & Fancy Noses

WWII Honoree
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The Cold War Museum


 New Video of the B-17 Ride at Wings of Freedom, Warrenton-Fauquier Airport
October 10~11, 2010

A View from the Seat of the Enola Gay (link provided by Jean Hughes) (added 12/19/10)

An interview with Ordway Gates at the Virginia War Memorial in October 2001




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